You are an amazing person. But despite your efforts to find a match for yourself, you are still single. General opinion among people is that if you are not good enough, you will not find the right person. But often the opposite is true. The number of person who are amazing and single is more as compared to people who are average and committed.

The more wonderful you are, the harder sometimes becomes to find love. The reason for you to be single despite being an amazing person can be many. Below is a list of most common ones.

Reason #1 You have patience and are ready to wait.

This could be one reason why you are single. Amazing people have lots of patience in them. They always prefer waiting for the right person than being part of any relationship. They will ever be part of any relationship that comes their way. Instead they will wait for the right person to come their way.

Reason #2 You have higher expectations than what could be met.

There is no doubt that no you are amazing.  Everyone think of themselves as amazing, but you might be looking for someone extra ordinary. But have realistic expectation from others. Set real expectations as to what you want from a partner. There is no use of creating a bridge which is hard for even the right person to cross.

Reason #3 You are confident and can take care of yourself.

Another trait common among amazing person is the high level of confidence they have. They can take care of themselves at all levels. They don’t need financial or emotional support. They are their best friend and enjoy their company.

Reason #4 You are not able to convert good opportunities

You don’t know what to do when you meet a right person. How you react once you meet the right person is very important. You should learn how to convert an opportunity into a success. Mere smiling and giving positive gesture is not enough in the present time. You should communicate in a clear way if you like someone. It is better to face rejection than regretting later in life. Share your feeling and emotions when you meet someone you like.

Reason #5 You are looking for a lifelong relationship and not just a fling.

A lifelong companionship takes time to build. It is not every day you find someone to make your life partner. It takes time and energy. If you want to be in relationship that last lifelong than you would prefer staying single till the time you find someone who is worth it. You are looking for a lifelong companionship which is much more than emotional and physical support.

Reason #6 You are in your comfort zone and not easily approachable.

Without even realizing there are possibilities that you have created a wall around you. This wall might be hindering the right person to approach you. You might be busy with yourself and not making new friends. Just break the wall and whenever possible meet new people. Go out of your comfort zone and be more approachable and friendly. Come out of your shell. Someone said if you are not getting results with your existing strategy than change it. Apply the same on yourself and become more approachable for the right person.

Reason #7 You are out of league for an average person

This one surely means you are better than any average person. This is making it difficult for the average person to get you. But in that case, it is better to wait than to commit yourself to just an average person when you can get something better.

 Reason #8 You are careful and not ready to take risk.

An amazing person is very careful about whom they give their heart to. You might be cautious of whom you fall for and may not be willing to take extra risk. One may also evaluate various facts about the other person before sharing the way to their heart with anyone.

Reason #9 You are too focused on your career

Being career oriented is a good thing. For a career oriented person, focus towards work life is generally more than his personal life. There should be a good balance between work and personal life. You may choose working late night than going to club and meeting friends. It is not a good scenario where you are working all day and night. You should focus on your personal life as well.

Reason #10 You are lacking in certain areas.

Yes. This might be a possible reason. You are a wonderful person but like any other person you have your shortcomings too. You should work on those areas. You may take help from your friends and family members. You should introspect and find the areas which could be the possible reason behind your single relationship status.

We are sure that based on the above data you must have identified the reason why you are still single. Hope you get the perfect life partner you are looking for..!!