Everyone wants to enjoy the pleasure of meeting the love of their lives. You want to find love in your life but have not still found the right person. If you are wondering why you are still single when you want to be in a relationship then read on. These could be some of the reasons why you are single.

You are not easily approachable.

Without even realizing there are possibilities that you have created a wall around you. This wall might be hindering the right person to approach you. You might be busy with yourself and not making new friends. Just break the wall and whenever possible meet new people. Go out of your comfort zone and be more approachable and friendly. Come out of your shell. Someone said if you are not getting results with your existing strategy than change it. Apply the same on yourself and become more approachable for the right person.

You are not looking at the right places

This is another major mistake everyone makes. They don’t look at the right places. May be the right person is just next to you and you are just searching all the wrong places. You might be waiting for the right person to come along but he or she may be right there in the form of a friend, neighbor or a colleague. Just broaden your perspective of looking at things.

You are hard to get for an average person

This one surely means you are better than any average person. This is making it difficult for the average person to get you. But in that case, it is better to wait than to commit yourself to just an average person when you can get something better.

You have higher expectations

While we all think ourselves to be the best, it is a good idea not to have realistic expectation from others. Set real expectations as to what you want from a partner. There is no use of creating a bridge which is hard for even the right person to cross.

You are still stuck to your past

It is definitely not easy to let go of past. Your past might be stopping you from finding love even when you want to be with the right person. But don’t let your past affect your present. You have all right to stay happy by attracting the right person in your life. Let go of all the negativity in your life and experience the joy of falling in love.

You are too focused on your career

Being career oriented is a good thing. For a career oriented person, focus towards work life is generally more than his personal life. There should be a good balance between work and personal life. You may choose working late night than going to club and meeting friends. It is not a good scenario where you are working all day and night. You should focus on your personal life as well.

You are introvert and not giving right signals.

Probably you are introvert and not good at expressing your emotions. Even if a guy approaches you and gives you signal. You find it difficult to interpret those signals and express positively to the proposal. If you want to overcome this, then you should work on your nature, body language and way of expressing things Sometimes you may lose a really good guy because you are not able to express your willingness to proceed with him.

You lack the confidence in you.

Being introvert is one thing and being under confident is another. You might be an extrovert but not a confident person when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. You need to shed your inhibitions. If you’re not so good looks are stopping you than you need to know no one is perfect. Else it is always a good idea to work on things that makes you less confident about yourself.