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How to protect yourself from betrayal in love


There is a popular saying, ‘What goes around comes around’. But this is not always the case.

Love is a pure form of eternal joy and happiness but some of the biggest heartbreaks are followed by love. You may find yourself a victim of betrayal in a relationship you gave everything to. If that situation ever comes in your life, then you should always come out of such situation gracefully.

Reasons you should marry your best friend


Marriage is an important decision of life. It has a huge impact on how our future is going to be. A life partner has a great role to play in how our marriage turns out to be. They are going to be the person who will be part of our future.

A best friend is the one person who has never failed to take care of us. Choosing best friend as life partner can be a great and a wonderful decision. If they be so good to be such a good friend, they can definitely be great life partners. What better could it be if you could marry your best friend?

A Step by Step Guide to Convince Parents for Love Marriage


The trend of love marriage is increasing with each passing second. But it may be a huge task to convince parents about your intentions to marry the one you love. We have created a step by step guide for you to help you convince your parents for love marriage:

But if you wish to follow the guide, keep one thing is mind. You should yourselves be sure that you have found your soul mate. If you are not sure yourself, then you can’t definitely convince someone about it. But if you are sure that you have found your soul mate, then read on.

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