Deciding to choose from going for a live in relationship or marriage can be a crucial decision for any couple. Researchers say that the number of live in relationship is increasing in all parts of the world. They are easily acceptable in western countries like US, UK. For developing countries like China, India, Sri Lanka it may take a while before they are accepted by a larger group.

A live in relationship has some similar pleasures like that of marriage. You get to live with someone you share your joys and sorrows with. You are with them day and night just like the way it happens in marriage. We so far have travelled a huge road in terms of seeing live in relationship from a newer and broader perspective but to see them as a replacement is a journey in itself.

Live in relationship and marriages! Both have their own similarities and differences.

What makes live in relationships better than marriages?

  1. Less adjustments

In some parts of the world like UK, US and Australia, more and more people are opting for live in relationships before getting married. Marriages require more adjustments than a live in relationship. But live in relationships are also not easy though they require less commitment. Moreover, they may add to insecurity among the couple about the future.

  1. More freedom

Live in relationship may look like a lot of fun from the outside. But the truth is like any other relationship they require lots of adjustments from both the parties. However, less is at stake in a live in relationship when compared with marriages. Couples living in a live in relationship have more freedom as compared to married couples.

  1. Better understanding

Most of the couples are giving themselves six months to one year time by going for live in relationships. If the road is smooth during this time, they ring the wedding bells. If not, it’s always better to part ways than ring the bells and be captured lifelong in an undesirable relationship.

What makes marriages better than live in relationships?

  1. Low Approval rate

Though now more acceptable by society, there are whole sets of hurdles a couple may have to come across in live in relationships. They may face difficulties in finding a landlord who is willing to rent a house to the couple. The society also disapproves of them in most parts of the world.

  1. Formal institution

Marriage being a formal institution has less chances of falling apart. Live in relationship often free and lack much pressure may face difficulty to pull off after any heated argument. But the trauma of a live in is less severe than a broken marriage. They should however never been seen as a substitute to marriages. Marriages are an institution among themselves. Live in relationships may be seen as a practical step before marriage. If live in relationships are the journey, marriages are the destinations.

  1. Commands more respect

The point here that we should focus upon is that marriage are given greater respect because of the fact they not bind the couple emotionally, and physically but they also bind legally. But the emotional, physical quotient remains same in live in relationships but the legal aspect is missing which makes them easier to fall apart. Moreover, there are greater chances of people misusing live in relationship in comparison to marriages. This fact again makes it difficult for live in relationships to replicate the strong institution of marriage.

Another fact that makes marriage a better social setting is the perception of society towards them. There is easy acceptability of the society towards marriage everywhere. You may even need to hide the fact that you are in a live in relationship to many.