Live in relationship are becoming more prevalent. Some classify them as a step towards marriage while others may call them a way of staying away from marriages. The number of people who are making live in relationship a replacement of marriage in increasing with each day. But still there are people who perceive live in relationship from a not so good perspective. The reason being unlike marriage it involves less responsibilities. But one needs to understand more about these relationships before categorizing them good or bad.

Well. If you ask my opinion about live in relationships today. My answer would be completely different from what it would have been 5 years back. Today, I see life and all the things associated with it with a bigger and more mature perspective.

There are so many news of marriages breaking that we all come across in this century than ever before. The trauma of a broken marriage is quite severe. I feel live in relationship can be given a serious thought. They give you a much fairer idea of what life would be after marriage and all the changes that we would be require coping with those changes.

Our society has accepted all the western things with time. This is again one of the things that is more omnipresent in the western culture. But like all other things, we Indians are accepting them in a much broader way than any time in the past.

The culture is becoming more acceptable. All thanks for our celebrities endorsing the same. We hear of so many celebrities these days living in a live in relationship and accepting the same publicly as well. This is giving much food for thought to the normal public as well.

Earlier, live in relationships used to carry a taboo with them but today they are the in thing. They are considered to be cool by friends and provide a golden opportunity to the couple to know important stuff about each other before getting married. This is definitely helping them take a more informed decision as well.

Parents are also easily giving nod for the same as they understand that the present generation is quite different from their generation. They are trying their best to provide space to the youth.

Yet it’s hard to deny that despite it being a practical idea, it is not yet easily digested by many. But then everyone have their own thinking especially in India. We are just so famous for passing our own judgments weather asked or not.

Moreover, people have the general tendency of associating live in relationship with pre-marital sex. But that is not always the case. More and more people are opting for the same because of its practicality as an idea. It is not always about the sexual pleasure. One should see life from a bigger perspective.

I don’t advocate this idea because I myself is part of this. No, I am not. I live with my family and I don’t have the courage to be part of something so bold. But I do see the future generation opting for same. So, its better to keep up with the pace rather than lag behind.