There is a popular saying, ‘What goes around comes around’. But this is not always the case.

Love is a pure form of eternal joy and happiness but some of the biggest heartbreaks are followed by love. You may find yourself a victim of betrayal in a relationship you gave everything to. If that situation ever comes in your life, then you should always come out of such situation gracefully.

If you don’t value yourself, nobody is ever going to value you. The number of cheating cases is increasing day by day. But I would not only suggest you to come out of such betrayal as soon as possible but will also talk about few things that should be kept not to be part of such situation ever.

Advice1: Don’t trust blindly

It is true that trust is the foundation of every relationship. But trust anyone blindly is only opening doors for letting others to fool you. We should surely trust those we love but with our brains open. People who are cheated often feel that things they were being cheated in front of them but they ignored. Blind trust is not something that will pay you in the long run

Advise2: Be independent

Being independent will help you be strong and face adverse situation. Moreover, the chances of your partner not messing with you are greater if you are independent. Chances are that if you are involved in productive work will also help you maintain yourself as a result of surrounding and your partner will be more attracted towards you.

Advise3: Don’t share your private information

Its always a good idea to keep all important information about yourself private. You never know when you can be ditched by someone you love. In such scenario, you would never want them to be making using of your private information. There have been incidences of sharing of private moments in the form of videos by partners after breakup. It’s therefore best not to capture private moments on camera.

Advise 4: Have Plan B

If Plan A doesn’t work, have plan B ready with you. Contingency may arise at point of time in life and therefore it’s best to have a back option with you. With back up, I am not suggesting double dating. But I am talking about emotional support. Invest in your friends and family as much as you invest in a relationship.

Advice 5:Don’t fool yourself

One may fool himself to choose short term happiness. But this will not help in the long run. There may be times when you are getting signals that something is not in place. It may also happen that your partner is himself throwing hints to you. Be smart and don’t fool yourself into believing that everything is right. This attitude may give you relief in the small run but will not do you any good in longer run.

Advise6: Choose self-dignity

Love yourself and only then others will love you. If you are part of a relationship, where you are compromising your dignity then it’s better to come out of such relationship as soon as possible. Walk out of a venomous relationship before spoiling your mental health.

Advise7: Don’t expect much

Expectation hurts if left unfulfilled. It is therefore best not to expect highly from people. People change with time. If you are in an open relationship the change may happen overtime. Don’t give your all to someone especially if they don’t reciprocate.