Choosing a partner for life time is not a easy thing. It takes time and efforts to find the right one. While looking for a life partner, you may want to take into account your compatibility level, nature, style of living, families, status etc.

This is a practical guide that will help you decide how to choose your life partner.

Step 1: Be clear about what you want

It is advisable that you sit with yourself for a while and decide what kind of person you exactly want. Note down your expectations on a sheet of paper. Write the have and have not carefully. You can mention your preferences about the education, location, height and other  traits to start with.

Step 2: Don’t have too high expectations

While we all think of ourselves to be the best, it is a good idea not to have too high expectation from your life partner. Set real expectations.

Step 3: Search in the best possible way

You might find someone in your friend circle. But it will be better to search actively through online dating and marriage portals. The high numbers of people on these portals increases your chances of find Mr. Right or Ms. Right for you.

Step 4: Select the prospects

Shortlist few people based on the relevant details shared by them. Once you have done it, contact them through messages or call. A call is a better idea as it will give you instant information and will also help you get an instant idea from the other person.

Step 5: Share more details and exchange contact numbers

After you have selected the initial prospects, start the initial round of conversations. Try and gather more information about each prospect. Be careful that you don’t disrespect anyone. Be polite and firm. Collect maximum information about their education, background, jobs etc. that is relevant. This information will help you decide to move on to next level or not.

Step 6: Plan a meeting

If someone has passed through the earlier stages, it is time to meet them. Arrange for a face to face meeting. It will give you a better idea about how things are. Try and make the best of the meeting. Interacting face to face gives us a good idea about the appearance and etiquettes of the person. Observe them, communicate with them. Try to make them comfortable as the other person may be shy.

Step 7: Get to know each other

If you feel positive, start communicating. Communicate with each other about expectations from each other. Make all the important things clear at this stage. Collect more information about future plans. Gain an insight about what other people think about are their likes and dislikes. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Tell more about yourself also in this stage.

Step 8: Don’t rush. Take your time

Don’t be in rush. Take your time. Avoid making mistakes by taking any step in hurry. Date for a while and take the next step only when you are ready. Once you are sure that you have found the right person, communicate the same to them. If you find that things are not proceeding the way you want, you may end everything amicably. It’s better to end things than regret later. This may also be the time when you get emotionally involved with the other person.

Step 9: Take things to next level

If you think you have found your soul mate, it is time to celebrate. Now take the things to next level. Meet each other’s families. Make it official. Commit to each other and plan the wedding. Your dream of a good life is about to come true.

All the best for your search!!

Hope you find your soul mate through these simple easy steps.