Someone may find a partner sooner in their life and some may find a partner later in life. This will influence the age you get married into. There may be individuals who want to get married in their early 20s while there may be some who feel it is early even in their 30s. While there is no formula to derive the right age for marriage, you will find people supporting both the views.

What matters more is how happy you are after getting married to your soul mate and not the age when you married in the long run.

What happens if you marry early?

Get time for Adjustment

If you marry at an early age, chances are you will be able to adjust more as compared to someone marrying a little late.

More time for fun

The 20s is the best time of life. You are youthful, enthusiastic and a free bird. You care less for the world and could enjoy fully. This is a good time to bond with your partner if you have set priorities in place. Once you climb the ladder up in your career, it becomes all the more difficult to manage work and family. So, make the best use of time.

No pressure to plan family

When you marry early, you have lots of time to enjoy without worrying about family planning. You can travel to your favorite places. You can attend your favorite parties. Later, after fully enjoying the initial years with your soul mate you may plan family as per your convenience. This freedom of planning family as per your desire is however lost when you marry late.

What happens if you marry late?

Focus on Career

The initials of your career are very important. If you get married at that point of time, chances are high that you will be able to devote less time to your career.

Societal Pressure

The late you marry, the more pressure you have to face from the society. Our society is one of the binding forces of the institution of marriage. The importance of our society in making marriage as a prestigious arrangement of two people cannot be undermined. As such, one may face pressure from society to get married after attaining a suitable age.

Feel alone

Everyone needs a partner to big the right balance to your life. If you marry late, you may feel alone at many points in your life especially if your entire friend circle is married and are always in pair at official parties.

Deprived from sex

Sex is one of the most important needs of body. Deprivation from the same can affect your mood and energy levels. The late you marry, the more you are deprived of sex and you need a partner to take care of the same. Even if you opt for a live in relationship or other source for the same, it comes with its baggage of problems.

Well. There is no such age that can be considered as the right age. It all depends on personal preferences and choice. However, in order to decide the right age rather I should say the right time to get married you should consider the above discussed points.