Life is running at a fast pace and in order to match the fast pace of life, we are probably missing small things that give abundant joy while running for bigger stuff in life. Here, on this list you will find some simple and easy to implement life hacks to beat stress.

  1. Smile more; it increases your face value

Think of any smiling face. I am sure you feel good. Smiling is probably the smallest change of all that you can bring in your life. It cost nothing and yet brings joy to lives. The smiles of small kids often bring smile to our face. You know why. It is because smile is contagious. Kids don’t worry about everything that is going around them. This small life hack can probably make your personality attractive. You may land up getting the dream date of your life with that little smile on your face.

This simple life hack will pay you in the long run. Believe me, try smiling today or even better make someone smile. You will love it.

  1. Travel More

What was the last place you visited? Wasn’t that fun? Look at the birds in the sky. They don’t confine themselves to one place. For them, world is home. Start exploring the world. Make it a point to do at least one trip in a year.

Traveling not only frees up the space in your mind but also creates space for memories. Meet new people, try new cuisines, explore new cultures and you will definitely feel high. Traveling raises your spirit. It helps you accept things easily. Welcome changes easily.

Think of a place that you want to visit. Don’t think more about it. Back your bags. Book the tickets. Get set Go. Open your arms and the world is yours!

  1. To Do List

Forget what to buy while standing in the supermarket store. Well, I am sure all of us at some point or the other have forgotten the crucial things to do. I am not telling you to maintain a daily diary. Just make it simple by having a To Do list in your mobile. Prioritize stuff in your life. A day to do list can help you remember that routine stuff that skip out of your mind.

You can maintain the order of the things to do as per their priority. This will help you focus more on the important ones and will help you keep stress at bay.

  1. Forgive, forget and move on

I forgive easily but it happened a lot with me that I kept the stuff in my heart that bothered me. Someone suggested me the double F mantra (forgive and forget) and it worked. Now, I don’t forgive but also forget. After all, you don’t own all the problems in the world. So, learn to move on. Remember there is always Plan B. Even if Plan B does not work, remember there are 26 alphabets in English language. If a language can be generous enough to give you 26 alphabets, you can probably give yourself few chances in life by moving on from all that hold you behind.

Leave behind things that hurt you. An important step towards a better life would be to move away from things that holds you back. Don’t carry any burden in your heart for anything that happened in your past and was out of your control.

  1. Listen more than you speak

When you listen, the other person feels important and respected. Not only that there are chances you will learn something new when your listen as you are only repeating what you already know when you speak. Communicating your viewpoint to the other is important but it is equally important for you to understand others view point. For that, you must listen to other.

This technique will also help you come up with better ideas when you decide to speak. So, it’s a win-win situation.

  1. Charge phone on Airplane mode for faster charging

Have to leave for office in next 30 minutes. Battery is about to die. Try this simple life hack. Charge your phone on airplane mode for faster charging.  Today, mobile phones are an extension of an individual’s life if not anything more. We all have run out of battery at crucial times. So, here is a useful tip for all of you like me.

Next time you have less time to charge your phone. Just put it on airplane mode and relax. It will have enough battery for you to get rid of that last minute chaos.

  1. De-clutter your life and connect with yourself

Searching your favorite dress in the cupboard? Found almost everything except that dress. Well it’s the time for you to de clutter and for heels to wear at party in the night. Get rid of those electronics, extra clothes you have worn in a year and everything useless occupying the much needed cupboard space. In fact getting rid of those photographs and messages of your ex seems a good de cluttering idea.

Disconnect with the world also helps to reduce stress. Discover yourself and connect with your inner self. Believe me, this is one of the best thing you must do for yourself. Rejuvenate your lost energy that you had in those childhood days. Explore the kid in yourself that is scared to come outside. Connect with the rising sun in the morning or the sun set in the evening. Spend some time with the nature. In this tech savvy world, we have become too addicted to our smart phones. Take a smart break from them. Spend some time with yourself and learn to enjoy your company. This will help you know yourself better and bring the better version of you to the world.

  1. Try Music

Who doesn’t love music? Probably we all do. After all, music heals. It helps us connect better to our surroundings, nature, God and our inner self. Listen some rocking numbers that will keep you lively all day. Identify your taste of music. Listen to it, while your way to office or way back home. It has a direct impact on our mood. So, find that genre that works best for us. Music relieves depression and is a great mood booster.

  1. Develop a hobby that helps you Soul Searching

Think of that one activity you loved in your childhood and have stopped now. You must have loved writing, singing or playing outdoors in High School. But your tight schedule leaves no time for the same now. I suggest you to look back in your childhood days and find out one thing that you really enjoyed in the past. Reschedule your week to find at least one day for that activity.  If you can do this, there is nothing stopping you. Sky is the limit for you.

If nothing else, start reading more. Reading acts as a window to the world. Read fictions, biographies, story books, comics or even newspaper.

  1. Thank God for everything you have

You are reading this article. That is a proof enough to tell me that you have basic education and internet facilities with you. Believe me, we often under value things in our life.

Make it a point to take at least two minutes in the day to thank God for all you have. Focus on what you have rather on things you wish to have. Appreciate your friends, family and colleagues for all the good things they do. Never take anything for granted in life.  Count your blessing in life.