Love is a blissful feeling, a beautiful experience, a romantic journey, a pure form of joy. It is mysterious yet simple to understand. It can’t be seen yet everything is magical about love. It opens a world full of possibilities.

Some say, ‘It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all’. Love may happen in a moment and at times it may take years to fall in love. Love is eternal and has been since the time of Adam and eves. It is the foundation of life.

Everyone fall in love at least once during their lifetimes. No matter how many researches are undertaken on this subject, there always remains something unexplored about love.

When someone falls in love, there is no better feeling in the world. Love is powerful. While falling in love can’t be predicted or timed, people mostly fall in love because of these amazing reasons.

Reason1: Key to stay happy

Love instantly uplifts the mood as it is responsible for secreting happy chemicals in the body. The feeling one get in love is full of joy and contentment. Love leads to many chemical reactions in our body due to the secretion of love hormones. These hormones make us happy.

Reason2: Lifelong companionship

We as humans are looking for lifelong companionship. Often, we are afraid of living alone. Having a partner provides us a best friend for life. Our partner supports us in all the ups and downs in life.

Reason3: Birth to a new life

In order to survive on earth, we need to promote our species. Giving birth is only possible when you have a partner. Giving birth or wish to have a baby also makes us fall in love.

Reason4: Physical relationship

Human body needs to have sex. We are able to establish physical relationships with our partners. Love is a first step towards achieving physical pleasure.

Reason5: Live longer

Love is the key to live longer. Researches shows that married couples live a longer life as opposed to their single counterparts. Not only this, the chances that you will lead a healthy life are also high.

Reason6: Emotional intimacy and deep connections

Love is not only about physical relationships but it is also about emotional connect. Being in love helps us share deeper connection with our loved ones.