There are certain things in life that we must do before we all die.

  1. Don’t forget to Live

Yes. You heard it right. First and foremost, Living is important before you die. Live in your present. People waste their lives by only living in the past or planning for future. What they forget in between is to live life. Live before you die. Do things that make you happy. Follow your dreams and passions. Help others smile. Do what you want to do. Just don’t hurt anyone else.

  1. Learn from your mistakes. Apologize quickly

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistake. But learn to accept them. If you have hurt anyone, seek apologies. A wise person always learns from the mistakes of others. But no matter how wise we become, we all do something wrong now or then. Learn to gracefully accept your mistakes. Look at your past and apologize to everyone you feel you should. This will provide you a solace in your heart that nothing else can.

  1. Have No regrets

Have no regrets in your life. Do everything you wish to do. Even if it does not turn out well, you won’t regret not trying it. Don’t regret even if something does not turn out the way you wanted. We all learn from our mistakes. So, don’t regret anything that happened in the past. Remember you are what you are because of your past. Don’t regret not taking any opportunity that came your way. Live life to the fullest

  1. Follow your dreams and passion

Dreams and passion drive us. Life without dreams is like a ship in the sea with out any destination. Identify what you are passionate about. Identify your dreams in life. Make efforts to achieve your dreams. Lead life in a way that you get closer to your dreams each day.  Nothing great in this world has been achieved by anyone without a dream and passion. Passion drive us to lead us a enthusiastic life. Give life a chance.

  1. Make your loved one proud

Do this for yourself. There are so many people that love us like our parents, friends. Do something that makes them proud of you. To make them proud choose to be a man of substance. Be a man of character. Help the needy. Lead an honest lifestyle.

  1. Divide your wealth

It is a good idea to decide what you want to be done to your wealth after you die. You should do this to decide the fate of your hard earned money. It will avoid any dispute that may take place over the money. Donate some part of it to charity if you wish to. If you decide to divide your wealth while you are alive, it will help it go in the right hands.

  1. Help needy

There is no pure joy in life greater than doing something for the poor and destitute. Do something for the needy. Associate yourself with some NGO. You don’t always need to contribute money. Someone all these people need is your time. Go to an orphanage or old age home. Devote your time. Listen to their stories. Help the small kids with their homework. Try to make the world better. Your small steps can go a long way to help have a long lasting effect on their life. Doing something selflessly will provide you a inner solace.  Do some Charity. Help a needy. Educate someone. Create a better world. There are so many people if the world living in miserable circumstances. Help anyone and everyone you can. You could help someone not only with money but also with time.

  1. Listen to your heart.

You get only one life. Live it as you want to. Do everything your hearts want to do. Indulge in adventures; learn new skills like singing, guitar. Don’t stop yourself from falling in love. Feel young at heart. Love yourself. Smile more. Laugh wholeheartedly. Do everything that makes you happy.

  1. Plant a tree

Think about the future. We have to stop global warming. We may be on the planet only for next few decades. But the present generations should be given a chance to lead a good life. Plan at least one tree in your life. Promote others to do the same. Water it daily, if possible. You will feel connected to the world. Trees give us oxygen, food, shade and wood. Make earth a better place. Your small step will definitely not ho waste.

  1. Travel and Create memories.

Create beautiful memories while you live. Travel to the places you want to. Explore the world. Create memories that you can cherish. Ultimately, it is only the memories and beautiful experiences that will matter in the end.

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